Help Feed Shelter Animals.
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The Animal Rescue Site

Cage Free Pet Boarding in their home or yours
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Lisa's Ark
Pet Care
Peach Orchard Vet

Can your dog clean up after himself? Let John
do it for you!
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John's Dog Waste Removal

Recommended vets
in our area.
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Hudson Vet
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Pet Cemetery and Land Preserve.
You can have your pet buried with you.
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Pet Friendly Hotels in Sumter.
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Quality Inn
Sumter, SC

Green Haven Preserve
Travelers Inn

Read about the importance
of having your dog's anal glands checked on a regular basis.
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Read about proper nutrition for your pet. If you are not feeding them a food with no corn, no wheat, or no soy, you may be unaware their food is making them unhealthy.
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Proper Nutrition
Anal glands

Here's a link to a pet safety guide, which includes chapters on common household hazards for pets,tips on food safety, pet proofing, and natural disaster preparation for pet owners.

Heartworm Prevention
Pet Safety Guide

Heartworm is caused by a bite from an infected mosquito and has the potential to kill your pet. (click for info)


Find your pet quickly if they get lost. Here is an app you can download that will locate your pet.
Read all about it!

Click here to see how you can help control yeast infections in your dog.

Yeast Problems
Freedom Rings
Animal Rescue
Itchy Paws

Are you looking for a pet or would you like to be a foster parent? Click

Does your dog have itchy feet? Maybe this will give some relief.

Carolina Helping Paws Rescue
For Belles Sake Rescue
Helpful tips on separation anxiety

Does your dog have a problem when you try to leave?

Check out this link for things you should know about before adopting
a pet 
Want To Adopt?
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If your pet is prone to hot spots,
read this

Hot Spots
Help for irritated skin

If your pet has irritated skin and is always scratching, try one of these rinses.

Are you moving to another state? Click here to find out what the requirements are to have your pet go with you.

Shaving your dog

To Shave or not to shave; That is the Question.

Suggested by Ms. Ivey O'Neal
Tips on traveling with your pet
Pet Proofing

Pet Proofing your yard and home for their safety is very important.


Suggested by Ms.Loomis and her after school care program kids-
Great idea!

Do you know of any other pet friendly services in town we missed; or is there something else we can help you with? Click here and let us know.