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Is it time for your pet's next haircut?
              Call us!!!

 With your permission, each time your pet comes in for a bath or haircut, we take their picture and post it on our facebook page. Be sure to look at our page around dinner time on the day of service and you will see them!
We have a full range of services for dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets,
and YES, we groom BIRDS!
For dogs:
Basic bath :    clean ears, trim nails, sanitary, basic shampoo for bath,
blow dry, body spray, bandana or bows

Basic haircut:   same services as basic bath above,  also includes basic conditioner and haircut 

Full service bath:    clean ears, trim nails, sanitary, bath with shampoo best for the individual dog's skin needs, moisturizing conditioner for skin and coat, deodorizing head and face with a blueberry wash, 
clean up crusty eye discharge, teeth brushed, bandana or bows, nail polish if wanted, and a body spray
Full service haircut:   same services as full service bath above and includes haircut.
Deshedding: Gets rid of the dead undercoat and exfoliates the skin. (Great for any dog)

Nail buffing:  Gets rid of sharp edges and also gets the nails shorter than clipping.

Paw Balm: keeps paw pads soft and comfortable for walking

Pawdicure:    Buffing, shave paw pads, and paw balm
Pawdicure Plus:    Same as above but also includes trimming of feet

Quick Fix: brushout, teeth brushed, ears cleaned, nail trim, and body spray

We will groom "difficult" dogs that other salons will not do and we do it with no additional muzzle fees.

Cats:   bath, clean ears, trim nails, sanitary
(haircut is additional charge)
Birds:   bath, wings clipped, nails trimmed, tip of beak ground down if needed.
Rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets:   bath, ears cleaned, nails trimmed
(haircut is additional charge)

Are you a first time dog owner?
​Click this link for help.

We also offer nail  caps for your cat or dog.

See our home page and scroll down for additional services and products.​​

Using a comb on your pet instead of a brush will make sure there are no mats when ready for grooming.

National Dog Groomers Association

Certified in
pet CPR and
First Aid

For Pet's Sake, Sumter's premiere pet salon, is excited to offer our new Design Center. Each star represents a different breed, and when you open the star, you will find a variety of haircut styles and services to choose from to create your pet’s signature style. So if you are looking for a different cut or a first time pet owner and would like to see how it would look, you will be able to browse through our Design Center and customize a style and service package to fit your dog’s needs.